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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Knight Flower (2024)

Other name: 밤에 피는 꽃 夜晚開的花 Bame Pineun Kkot Bame Pineun Kkoch Flowers that Bloom at Night Flower that Blooms at Night Night Flower Night Blooming Flower Дорама Цветок распускающийся по ночам


Cho Yeo Hwa has been a widow for 15 years. Her in-laws are the most prestigious noble family in the area. During the day, she lives quietly at home and never goes outside. But, during the night, Yeo Hwa secretly jumps over the surrounding wall and takes care of people who need help. In the process, she gets involved with Park Soo Ho, and she begins to dream about her future. Meanwhile, Soo Ho is a senior officer. He is good at his job and has an attractive appearance.(Source: AsianWiki)

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 1970

Genre: Action Comedy Drama Friendship Historical Investigation Mystery

Knight Flower (2024) trailer:
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